Fiction and Poetry


Central Park, Oshawa

Right opposite to the French immersion school which says in bold letters
Be the change you want to see in the world!
Is a green space, for all memories, for all joys and some sorrows.

I remember meeting a small girl with her grandpa.
He asked my daughter’s name, I said Charvi.
When I asked his grand daughter’s name, he pointed to sky and said that’s her name, Skye.

The weeping willow stands tall and swinging with wind.
It reminds me of the girl we met, when she was here with her mom.
We were both swinging our kids and our little conversation started with names.
She pointed to the swinging Weeping Willow and said, here’s my Willow swinging just like that one!

In the summer, we picked Dandelions, brightening the whole green space yellow
In the fall, we picked up the pinecones, hanging high and low
On some fine days, we saw Beaver, Geese swimming in the water, shallow and slow.

Wood chips, slide, pine trees have seen it all
The joy of little ones jumping around
Their sorrow when saying goodbye for the day.


A very special thanks to City of Oshawa for the beautiful space for memories to grow. 


Picture Credit: Photo by Oakville News on Unsplash 

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